Panel 1 [Mr Hollings and Michael standing beside one another, Hollings leaning in close]

HOLLINGS: I’m very interested in these candles of yours, Mr. De Montfort.

MICHAEL: Excellent.

Panel 2 [Michael looks over his shoulder at maid who’s leaving the room and looking a bit harassed]

MICHAEL: I’ll have someone fetch them for you.

Panel 3 [Single long panel. Outside view of Michael’s sister, TERESA (TESSA) out on a balcony, holding an unlit cigarette in her hands and rolling her eyes up at the sky.  A man, LUCAS JACOBS is standing beside her, also smoking. They’re both leaning against the balcony railing. In the background, Michael is seen inside through the large windows waving after the maid.]


Panel 4 [Tessa straightens up and presses the end of the cigarette in her mouth to the cigarette of the man beside her to light it.]

Panel 5 [Tessa takes a drag, exhales smoke upwards between them.]