Panel 1
[Establishing shot of the DE MONTFORT estate at night, a Federal house situated among well-maintained gardens. A horse carriage approaches a gated archway in the foreground, fashioned from right whale jawbones.]

Panel 2
[The entryway of house, and guests approaching the open door, flowers on either side of the doorway]

Panel 3
[small panel of a spiraling staircase from a low angle, winding upwards]

Panel 4
[Inside the hallways of the home.  Paintings. Fancy molding. A doorway lies open and light spills into the hall. Through the doorway, a hint of a party taking place can be seen]

Panel 5: [Shot from the shoulders down of a man gesturing to a candelabra, wearing an elaborately patterned waistcoat]

MICHAEL DE MONTFORT: Observe this candle for me, Mr. Hollings.