Panel 1
[Shot on the deck of sailors preparing to leave the ship, taking hold of barrels, twisted harpoons, and coils of rope.]

Panel 2
[Panel rips through the scene in another flashback of a struggling whalehunt. A boat of six men is nearly overturned on the waves that break against the side of a massive whale. It has a harpoon fixed above its eye, and the sea washes across its open jaw. The voiceover runs along the top and bottom of the panel]

VOICE-OVER: We hunted them til we could not stand, leave her Johnny leave her,
And the harpoon lines cut into our hands, and it’s time for us to leave her.

Panel 3
[Back in the present, a close-up shot of a sailor rolls a barrel off the ship down the gangplank]

Panel 4
[Establishing shot of the active port town, with dozens of barrels being unloaded and aligned in the foreground.]