About the Creator
SJ Costello is a New York based illustrator, historical tour guide/museum educator, collector of curio, and singer of sea shanties.
Website: sj-costello.com
Contact: sjcostelloart (at) gmail (dot) com

About The Comic
Going to Weather is a self contained ongoing webcomic centered around three siblings living together in the American port town of New Bedford. The year is 1824.As shipowners, their decadent lifestyle has been funded by the whaling industry, a business they recently inherited. They all try to navigate coming into this new power and responsibility in their own way, and often do so poorly. Growing tensions run throughout their relationships, as well as outside the walls of their estate, within their business on harshly managed ships.

When their security is threatened by problems that arise within the family and business, all of them are shaken into questioning their behaviors and actions in different ways. Familial wounds need to be healed if there is any chance to combat larger problems.

Updates on Fridays