I’ve been thinking a lot about Going to Weather as it sits on its hiatus while I work on other personal projects (which will both be available to read this year, 2020). When I can devote time to GTW again, I will be writing a very different story on my return.

GTW is something I’ve already rewritten twice before because as I learned how to tell a story, more and more parts of it didn’t sit well with me. There comes a time to let projects lie and move on, but I’m not there yet with this one. It has characters and a setting that I’m very attached to. But it’s a story that I started seven years ago. I’ve matured a lot as both a storyteller and a person over that time, and so what I have presently is a narrative I’m at odds with, and one I would not want to devote any more of my time to.

All this to say I’m putting it through a major rewrite that is more in line with the sort of stories I want to tell and be known for. In other words I really….really really….wanna write a Historical Supernatural Monster Nautical Drama and I’m staring at GTW intently.

Apologies if this comes as a disappointment, but gtw was the first large scale project I embarked on, and a lot of growing can happen in seven years. But I do know that I love its characters and I’m very invested in them, and I want to tell a better story with them when I come back in late 2020. Please stay tuned, and thank you to everyone who has been with me through this journey!