Panel 1 [Long panel. Tessa leans on the balcony railing with her cigarette.  Lucas is looking inquisitive.]

TESSA: Always the same people at these awful things.

LUCAS: You might be missin’ some good stories.

TESSA: I’ve heard them all before. Multiple times.

Panel 2 [Lucas looking over Tessa’s shoulder as she’s partly turned away from him. She’s looking somewhat gloomy]

LUCAS: They won’t miss you in there?

TESSA: If I went inside I’d simply be subjected to the latest rumors about me. It’s not as though I have anything else to speak of.

Panel 3 [Tessa is standing up straight, hands on the front of her dress and looking off into the distance]

TESSA:  The closest I’ll get to the family business is a whalebone busk.

Panel 4 [Lucas leaning his head to the side and smiling.  Tessa smiling as well, but distantly.

LUCAS: I’ll have to carve you up a new one so you can think on something apart from the family business.

TESSA: Hah. How very kind.

Panel 5 [Close up of Tessa’s hand grinding out her cigarette on the fountain edge. Voices off camera.]

TESSA:  …I hope you’ll be able to stay, Lucas.

LUCAS: Why wouldn’t I be?